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Special Rescue Police Winspector Complete DVDRip Dual Audio 11


i31Pybhg7xu0P Special Rescue Police Winspector Complete DVDRip Dual Audio

Special Rescue Police Winspector (特警ウインスペクター Tokkei Uinsupekutā) is a Japanese tokusatsu TV series, part of the Metal Hero Series and the first piece of the Rescue Hero trilogy. The series follows the adventures and missions of a special “Rescue Police” team known as Special Police Winspector, as they stop crimes and respond to dangerous events where regular police force is not sufficient. The team is made up of one human (a hero clad in armor) and two robotic assistants.

10566592 winspec Special Rescue Police Winspector Complete DVDRip Dual Audio



Please let me know if you find any broken/non working links by leaving comments,then I’ll reupload it soon icon wink Special Rescue Police Winspector Complete DVDRip Dual Audio


  • Special Rescue Police Winspector

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There are 11 comments for this post

  1. Snowwolf says:

    Oh great ! One of my favorite metal hero series, thanks Mars !

  2. MChaser says:

    All links are dead.I don’t have any interest in this series,just letting you know.

  3. typoprone says:

    Is it just me? In VLC Media Player, when I try to play the following episodes:

    1, 2, 8, 15, 18, 22, 26, 32, 33, 37, 40, 43, 45

    I get the following error message: “Because this AVI file index is broken or missing, seeking will not work correctly.”


  4. tommy195 says:

    the AVI file for the episode one is broken. what can you read?

  5. Habataki says:

    …I’ve downloaded few episodes from FileRose, and this is what I got;

    Episode01 : Video Corrupted, only showed 33 second intro while playing with mpc, playable but corrupted in many parts while playing with GOM.
    Episode02 : Unplayable at all.
    Episode03 and so on : Don’t know yet, My 512mb per day limit is reached.

    Final results is : Unable to watch it properly, but Thanks for your effort in sharing these anyway. Guess it’s just my bad luck. :

  6. Satoru says:

    reupload please!!

  7. n1ghtm4r3 says:

    episode 22 still not working.
    still can’t play at any media player.
    please fix it!

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